TMJ Treatment in Jonesboro, AR

Whether you think about it or not, speaking, eating, and smiling are all part of your everyday lifestyle. Since you use your jaw every day for these activities, we understand that TMJ pain can be inconvenient. Fortunately, at Wagner & Langston Family Dentistry, we offer TMJ treatment to help you live a normal, comfortable life. If you’re experiencing jaw pain, clicking, or limited mobility, don’t hesitate to reach out to our office. Take the first step toward a pain-free jaw by contacting us today!

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What is TMJ disorder?

TMJ stands for temporomanidublar joint. This joint is located on both sides of your face, just in front of your ears. The TMJ connects your lower jawbone to your skull and assists with chewing and speaking. When TMJ dysfunction occurs, muscles and ligaments around the jaw joint become inflamed and irritated, resulting in a disorder that can result in pain and interference with daily activities.

Can TMJ resolve on its own?

TMJ dysfunction may be chronic or acute, ranging from mild to severe at any given moment. When left untreated, TMJ can cause significant problems, including inflammation, bite issues, dental erosion, and more. At Wagner & Langston Family Dentistry, we offer several treatments to those suffering from TMJ, including prescribed medications, Botox, custom splints, and nightguards. During your appointment, we will evaluate the severity of your TMJ symptoms and create a custom treatment plan that fits your lifestyle.

Will insurance cover TMJ treatment?

If you plan to pay for TMJ treatment with insurance, we encourage you to contact your provider to learn more about your coverage. Our office accepts many popular dental insurance plans and can help you file and track claims. We also accept a variety of other payment methods in an effort to make dental care easily accessible. To learn more about our payment options for TMJ treatment in Jonesboro, AR, visit our financial page!

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