Fluoride Treatments in Jonesboro, AR

Tooth enamel is the hardest substance in the body but remains under constant attack by foods, drinks, and oral habits. Weak enamel can put you at risk for dental problems like weak teeth and cavities. Fortunately, our fluoride treatments in Jonesboro, AR, can help restore and strengthen tooth enamel. For more information about how fluoride strengthens enamel or to schedule an appointment for fluoride treatment, contact us today!

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Are fluoride treatments necessary?

Fluoride helps strengthen tooth enamel, making the enamel more resistant to tooth decay and cavities. While fluoride is present in toothpaste and water sources, professional fluoride treatments offer concentrated, customized protection. Whether you are prone to dental issues or you have a child who is learning to perfect an oral hygiene routine, dental fluoride treatment can be beneficial for oral and overall health just as much as regular dental cleanings and exams.

What does fluoride do to your teeth?

Teeth suffer regular damage from sugar, acid, and bacteria. Dental fluoride treatment fortifies tooth enamel by promoting remineralization and inhibiting demineralization. Regardless of age, fluoride for teeth helps maintain oral health by strengthening teeth and reducing the risk of enamel erosion. Fluoride treatment can be applied in the form of gel, varnish, or foam.

Are there benefits to using fluoride on your teeth?

Getting regular dental fluoride treatments offers multiple benefits. Fluoride strengthens tooth enamel, making it more resistant to decay and cavities. It promotes remineralization, repairing the early stages of tooth decay. Regular fluoride use in toothpaste or mouthwash can contribute to overall oral health, preventing enamel erosion and reducing the risk of dental issues. Professional fluoride treatments every six months or less may be recommended for added protection, particularly for individuals at higher risk of dental problems. Dental fluoride treatment is a simple, quick, and painless process to maintain your oral health!

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