How Is TMJ Dysfunction Treated?

November 27, 2019 11:46 am
Brunette woman in a yellow sweater cringes in pain and cradles her jaw due to TMJ dysfunction

TMJ dysfunction is a painful condition that can interrupt your routine and negatively affect your quality of life. Because we care about every aspect of your oral health, we proudly offer treatment for jaw pain here at Wagner & Langston Family Dentistry! Knowledge is the first step to achieving relief; read on to learn about this condition and its treatment.


“TMJ” stands for the temporomandibular joint, the hinge joint that connects the lower jawbone (the mandible) to the skull. A functional joint gives the jaw a complex range of pain-free movement up, down, forward, back, and side-to-side. TMJ dysfunction or disorder, called “TMD”, manifests with varying degrees of pain and limited movement, which can lead to impairment and disability when eating, chewing, and talking.

What Causes TMJ Dysfunction?

Studies have found that women and excessive gum chewers tend to be more susceptible to TMD. Though some cases of TMD are idiopathic (meaning the cause is unknown), it can be related to stress, chronic teeth grinding and clenching, teeth and bite misalignment, arthritis or other underlying inflammatory condition, poor posture, overuse, or trauma to the mouth or jaw.

Signs & Symptoms

TMJ dysfunction can cause pain in the jaw, face, and head; difficulty opening the mouth and moving the jaw; a clicking or popping sensation near the ear; and chronic headaches.


We are skilled at providing relief for patients suffering from TMD. Treatment for TMJ issues may include BOTOX for muscle relaxation and pain management, prescription medication, a special oral appliance, or recommendations for stretches and physical therapy.

Get Relief at Wagner & Langston Family Dentistry!

Are you struggling with a painful jaw? If you’ve noticed any of the signs and symptoms of TMJ dysfunction, contact us today. Even when TMD is a chronic condition, there are still ways to manage the impairment and reduce your discomfort.


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