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The Future is now: Dental Implants

October 20, 2016 4:29 am
The year is 2016. We may not have flying cars, gravity-defying hover boards, or time travel yet, but one thing we finally do have: lifelike dental implants. No more worries of hordes of attackers crawling over themselves to get to the gold fillings in your mouth, or borrowing teeth from other creatures like crocodiles, to use as our own. Now we can get custom-crafted master-quality dental implants which can last as long, and in many cases, longer, than the teeth nature blessed us with. In addition to superb realism: – The bone around the implant can actually grow to hold the implant tight, through a process called Osseointegration. – Dental implants can protect natural bone, such as your jawline, which can deteriorate when not holding teeth in place. – They can return the natural shape of your face back to what it looked like prior to the loss of your original teeth. – You can eat as normally as you could if you had a full set of natural teeth. – Each implant can be custom crafted to fit your needs (including size, shape, color, and fit). – Implants prevent bone loss, which can cause shifting of the other teeth in the area around the missing tooth. – They are the next best thing to healthy natural teeth. Some could even argue implants are much better than natural teeth as well. – Studies have shown you will receive a better reception from your peers, and you are much more likely to smile in public. For more information on dental implants, or other fantastic services offered by our skilled dentists, please call Wagner & Langston Family Dentistry at 870-201-8863 to talk to a member of our team. Call us, or stop by our office in Jonesboro, Arkansas, and let us help you with all of your oral health care needs.

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