We Are Currently Accepting Emergency Dental Appointments

May 1, 2020 7:56 pm

Wagner & Langston Family Dental is open to take care of your emergency dental concerns. Hospital emergency rooms are not set up to handle dental emergencies so unless you suffer some other trauma that requires a visit to the hospital, come see us. Dr. Wagner or Dr. Langston can take care of the problem for you at a fraction of the cost of a hospital emergency room visit! Let’s talk about some of the things that are considered dental emergencies.

Knocked-Out Tooth

This type of tooth damage is extremely time sensitive so if this calamity strikes, call us immediately. Quick action can help save the tooth. Retrieve the knocked-out permanent tooth and carefully pick it up by the crown, being careful not to touch the root end. Thoroughly rinse off any dirt and debris with water. If at all possible, reinsert the tooth into the tooth socket. You can hold it in place by gently biting down on a piece of gauze. If this can’t be done, bring the tooth to our office in a container of milk. The sooner you arrive, the greater the chance that your tooth can be saved.

Cracked or Broken or Chipped Tooth

If you break or chip a tooth and are able to locate the pieces, rinse them off and bring them to the office in a container of milk. Sometimes it is possible to bond the pieces to the tooth so quick action is important. On the other hand, a cracked tooth is urgent and needs to be repaired but we don’t usually need to see you immediately. Call our office for instructions. In the meantime, you can keep the area clean and ward off infection by rinsing your mouth periodically with ½ c. warm water and ½ t. salt.


Sometimes tooth pain indicates a bigger problem–like infection. Contact our office for guidance when you experience severe tooth pain. If you also have a fever or an abscess (a pocket of pus along the gumline) then we’ll want to see you immediately to stop the infection from spreading. Sometimes tooth pain is a result of something lodged between your teeth. Gently floss around the sensitive tooth to dislodge any particles. There are many different things that can cause a toothache and we will want to identify the source of the problem so it doesn’t get worse.

Lost Filling or Broken Restoration

Lost fillings, broken crowns and dentures do not always require same day treatment but since we are on a reduced schedule for COVID-19 restrictions we can likely see you immediately. Call our office and explain the situation. We don’t want you to be uncomfortable or open to further decay or infection. We offer tooth colored fillings to replace old fillings that have come out. Plus we can repair dentures and replace broken crowns.

Emergency Dental Care in Jonesboro, AR

Even though we are currently closed for routine cleanings, regular exams and elective dental procedures, call (870)201-8863 to speak to someone promptly if you need urgent care. We are taking extra precautions to prevent the spread of disease.


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