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Building Good Oral Care Habits in Children

December 28, 2023 9:00 am

Dental health is just as important for little mouths as it is for big ones. Instilling good oral care habits in children when they’re young can help them sidestep a host of issues as they grow, like infections and teeth problems.

Here are our top tips to help your child develop and maintain a solid dental health routine.

Teach Good Brushing & Flossing Habits

From the moment your child’s first teeth appear, take the lead in brushing and flossing them. Explain what you’re doing and why it’s important, setting a foundation for proper oral care. As they grow, stay involved, ensuring they’re brushing correctly and for the right amount of time. We recommend brushing your child’s teeth for them until they are around eight years old. Tools like disclosing tablets can be a fun way to show areas that need more attention, turning brushing into a sort of treasure hunt for clean teeth!

For flossing, floss picks can be a game-changer, making it easier and more manageable for little hands. And remember, children mirror what they see. By modeling good brushing habits and making it a family activity, you encourage them to maintain these practices.

Make It a Routine

Make oral health a natural part of your child’s daily life. Brushing in the morning sets a fresh tone for the day, and flossing and brushing at night ensures the day’s plaque and food particles are swept away. Using an electric toothbrush can add efficiency and a bit of fun to the process!

Introduce Them to a Healthy & Diverse Diet

A balanced diet is key. Limiting sugary snacks and sticky foods reduces the risk of cavities, while crunchy veggies and fruits not only provide nutrients but also help clean teeth naturally. Plus, staying hydrated is crucial for saliva production, which is nature’s way of protecting teeth.

It’s essential to avoid food and drinks other than water before bedtime to prevent bacteria growth. And, if your child needs medicine, which often contains sugar, have them brush afterward to keep their mouth clean.

Top-Notch Family Dentistry in Jonesboro, Arkansas

Pairing these home habits with regular dental check-ups ensures your child’s smile stays healthy and bright. At Wagner & Langston Family Dentistry, we’re dedicated to providing comprehensive care for your little ones and want to help you achieve health building oral care habits.

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